The Waypoint Foundation Celebrates Human Creativity

The Waypoint Foundation celebrates Human Creativity with a focus on Education, Exhibitions and Collaboration to address unmet needs in the Florida Keys. Founded by Clarice M. Yentsch, The Waypoint Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity incorporated in the State of Florida and recognized by the IRS as of June 1, 2015.  It was the primary sponsor of the Innocent Souls: Vietnam 1968 exhibition.

Vision: Observe, Reflect, Imagine

Waypoint advocates to provide critical dental resources to disadvantaged children.

Waypoint provides a sanctuary for emerging artists, scientists, and authors through a residency program for selected Fellows to complete a piece of original work.

Waypoint co-sponsors public presentations and symposia that bring a world of creative expression to audiences in the Florida Keys.

Waypoint serves as an ambassador for traveling exhibitions to celebrate and showcase creativity of individuals from around the world.

Waypoint catalyzes collaboration through the Waypoint Collaboratory whereby experts share data, information, knowledge, understanding and wisdom for the advancement of a critical area of research.

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